Train #629
Scheme of the train (photoreport) executed in the manner of tables. Icon is indicated type of "coach". For viewing is necessary to click on the icon.

Another one photoset with scans of old postcards. All postcards (as in previous photosets) are from private collection of "Station" author.

Contents of photo
Tonnel near Batumi (Georgia), 1910th. 655x415 70Kb
Zabaykal'skaya road on the banks of the Kenon lake, 1910th. 543x317 33Kb
A column near railroad line, Ural, 1910th. 530x330 36Kb
View to Kislovodsk station, 1910th. 550x325 40Kb
Building of station Kursk in 1910th. 539x345 40Kb
Another view to Koorzal (Kislovodsk), 1920th. 538x366 45Kb

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