Train #625
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Ladozhskoye Lake ("ozero" - is Russian analog of "lake") is a small village on the banks of the lake with such name. It's a great place of Soviet and Russian story. Near this station famous "Doroga zhizni" ("Road of Life", automotive road on ice of the lake) began where Leningrad was under siege of nazist army (1941-1943).

Content of photo
The village is small, but the building of the station is big (built in 1974)! 624x504 53Kb
Another view to the building of the station. 624x504 31Kb
This steam engine of "ESha" series (built by NOHAB) is a monument now. 624x504 48Kb
This sign is showing a distance from Finland terminal in St.Petersburg. 624x504 51Kb
"Face to face" - steam engine and modern EMU-train. 624x504 53Kb

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