Train #609
Scheme of the train (photoreport) executed in the manner of tables. Icon is indicated type of "coach". For viewing is necessary to click on the icon.

This report is an addition to earlier published photoset with subject "Terminals". This addition has six postcards from my collection.

Content of photo
Terminal in Dnepropetrovsk at the end of 1970s. 721x478 151Kb
Moskovsky vokzal (terminal) in Tula at the end of 1970s. 800x298 70Kb
Terminal in Petrozavodsk at the beginning of 1980s. 397x640 68Kb b/w
Terminal at station Alma-Ata II (Kazakstan). Middle of 1980s. 800x567 100Kb
Terminal in Brest (Belorussia) in 1986. 552x800 139Kb
Terminal in Lvov (aka Lviv, Ukraine) at the end of 1980s. 565x800 116Kb

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