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Only bridges and nothing more in this photoset.

Bridges of Okruzhnaya road in Moscow

Content of photo
Andreevsky bridge after its building (when he was Sergievsky). 400x270 19Kb
View to Andreevsky bridge from Luzhniki before its moving to the new place. 640x480 44Kb
Andreevsky Bridge, former part for tracks. 640x480 41Kb
Krasnoluzhsky bridge after its building (when he was Nicholaevsky). 500x182 14Kb
Krasnoluzhsky bridge at later autumn on its history place. 640x480 39Kb
Last tracks on Krasnoluzhsky bridge. 640x480 38Kb

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Another bridges...

Content of photo
Bridge over Volga river not far from station Volga. 800x533 68Kb
Bridge over Volga in Yaroslavl. 800x538 74Kb
Bridge over Moscow channel (near Moscow). 800x538 59Kb

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