Train #183
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Road from St. Petersburg to Oranienbaum (through Peterhof) is one of the oldest road in Russia. It's age is more then 130 years. Some buildings of the stations (Oranienbaum, New Peterhof) are 100 and more years old! In this photoreport you can see some stations as they was in December 2003.

Content of photo
Travel begins from Baltijskij vokzal (Baltic station). A view from near-station square. 919x623 187Kb
Another view - from the tracks. 983x765 132Kb
Oranienbaum - building of the station is under rebuilding, but old face can be seen. 701x713 122Kb
Comfortable EMU-train of EM2 series in 2003 started to operate between St.Petersburg and Oranienbaum. 756x563 131Kb
Part of interrior of the train EM2-026. 626x628 96Kb
View to old building of the station Novyj (New) Peterhof from new platforms. 795x625 128Kb
Under the roof on old platforms... 624x504 106Kb
And view to the EMU-train through old arch. 679x695 122Kb
View to old building of the station Novyj (New) Peterhof from near-station square. 853x472 115Kb

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