Train #175
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  In August of 2001 in Saint-Petersburg, in former Varshavsky vokzal (Warsaw terminal) was open new museum. Exhibits were taken from Shooshary museum (see other photosets) and from base of Central railroads museum (CMZht). In fact, museum of October railway was moved to Varshavsky vokzal from Shooshary. There are no photos of all exhibits in this photoset, only some.

Views to the museum
Content of photo
Inner yard of the former vokzal. 892x573 69Kb
Station bell on the building of museum ticket office. 885x576 68Kb
Platform and two tracks of the exposition. 885x567 58Kb
View to tracks from the end of exposition (with working depot at the left). 881x574 62Kb
Another tracks with platform. 884x568 66Kb

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Content of photo
Snow-plough which used on roads not long ago. 883x567 63Kb
Steam lifting crane rebuilded for working with diesel. 885x575 66Kb
Two-axles Italian-made goods coach. 881x56558Kb
Electric locomotive of "F"-series (French-made for USSR). 851x550 80Kb
Section of "Sm"-series EMU-train. 883x568 73Kb
First electric locomotive for passenger trains in Soviet roads - Chekh-made "ChS1". 879x579 69Kb
Diesel locomotive "Ge" with returned real number. 874x573 62Kb
Diesel locomotive of "TE7" with real colours from 1960th. 463x676 48Kb
Bright-coloured diesel locomotive of "TEP10"-series. 712x456 49Kb
Some another diesels. 889x555 68Kb

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