Train #173
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Central railroads museum (CMZht) In Saint-Petersburg is the oldest transport museum in Russia. It has a lot of interesting exhibits and rarities. In february and april of 2001 in museum took place photosessions for "Semafor" magazine. Some photos from that photosession are included in this photoreport. Special thanks for help to general manager of the museum - Mrs. Zakrevskaya.

In halls of museum
Content of photo
Building of museum (view from the Sadovaya street). 640x480 62Kb
In hall, dedicated to the earliest railroads. 640x480 57Kb
This hall is about development of bridges construction. 640x480 73Kb
Working model of hump yard. 640x480 72Kb
In hall, dedicated to history of diesels construction. 640x480 64Kb

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Exhibition "Railroad model" (March,26 - April,1 of 2001)
Content of photo
One of the moments from close ceremony. 640x480 57Kb
Model of diesel locomotive on one of the maquettes. 640x480 58Kb
Fragment of collective maquette. 640x480 62Kb
Another fragment of this maquette. 640x480 44Kb
Maquette on stand of "TT-Model" company. 640x480 59Kb
Product of "Peresvet" company in motion. 640x480 55Kb

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