Train #171
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  On last week of march 2001 in Moscow took place a railway exhibition - "RailTek". In this photoset - some photos from this event.

Content of photo
At the same time as "Railtek" and in the same building were some exhibitions. 768x576 98Kb
Main exhibitors were from Russia. For example, "Spetsremont" - manufacturer of spare parts for EMU trains. 767x575 86Kb
Stand of MAV (Hungarian railways) is from another exhibition, but on "RailTek" area. 512x384 46Kb
Part of russian-made system for trains management. 767x575 73Kb
One of non-russian exhibitors (from Finland). 512x384 40Kb
Stand of Russian railways (RZhD) united with institutes of railway ministry. 1022x656 112Kb
Visitors can see schemes of many informational systems of RZhD... 512x384 39Kb
Another scheme - system of ticket resrvation. 512x384 55Kb
One of the RZhD slogans in this exhibition is "Anniversary of Transsib" (100 years). But many people in Russia think, that this anniversary is not in this year. 768x576 90Kb
One of the typical stand of russian manufacturer (Bryansk machine plant). 512x384 41Kb
Stand of railway ministry newspaper "Gudok". Boring! 768x576 78Kb

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