Train #169
Scheme of the train (photoreport) executed in the manner of tables. Icon is indicated type of "coach". For viewing is necessary to click on the icon. Values of signs are explained on link "Type".

  This photoset is about another fast train from St.Petersburg to Moscow. It's name is "Aurora".

Content of photo
One coach of "Aurora". 800x600 40Kb
Special feature of this train - mobile diesel power station. 528x476 23Kb
low quality
At the "head" of train - electric locomotive of Chs200 series. 800x600 39Kb
Station in the middle of the road - Bologoye (in winter evening). 771x509 27Kb
Small "food market" near coaches of "Aurora" in spring and summer (also Bologoye). 640x480 33Kb
Part of coupe interior. 800x600 43Kb
Nearest future - new coach (begining of operation in 2001). 562x373 33Kb

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