Train #167
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  Railway from Saint-Petersburg to the borders of Finland is unique. There are some saved buildings, created by finnish builders, and reconstructed buildings, close to the original. In this photoreport you can find several photos, taken on this road.

Content of photo
Building of the station Lanskaya in Saint-Petersburg. 640x480 72Kb
Building of the station Shoovalovo. View from the square. 640x480 53Kb
Building of the station Levashovo (snowy view). 640x480 55Kb
This transition under fetters, in bunker style, on former station Terijoki (now station Zelenogrsk) was built at 1917. 640x480 43Kb
Building of the Terijoki station is reconstructed at 1950 in the style, close to the original. 480x640 44Kb

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