Train #165
Scheme of the train (photoreport) executed in the manner of tables. Icon is indicated type of "coach". For viewing is necessary to click on the icon. Values of signs are explained on link "Type".

  On 23d of december (2000) author of the "Station of photos" had a trip on the fastest passenger train of russian railways - ER200. This was a simple regular travel from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg. It was no any plans to take shots, but presence of camera has changed this plans.

Content of photo
This its "head" (or "tail" - a review whence to watch). 640x480 45Kb
Mistery letters - so how this train identified? 640x480 36Kb
Before the departure doors are locked like doors of plane. 640x480 34Kb
Such seats are installed in coaches with "value-added services". 640x480 41Kb
Nearly maximum velocity, reached by the train in the travel (indicator panel in the salon). 640x480 46Kb
This is "value-added services" - a morning meal of the passenger. 640x480 53Kb
Fragment of WC interior (it's more attractive than in another russian trains). 640x480 56Kb
Passengers leaving salon at last station. 640x480 47Kb

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