Train #161
Scheme of the train (photoreport) executed in the manner of tables. Icon is indicated type of "coach". For viewing is necessary to click on the icon. Values of signs are explained on link "Type".

It's another one photoreport about museum in Shushary. Photos are not categorized, this only set of "all sort of things" about museum.

Content of photo
Recently received two-axis roofed coach. 640x480 45Kb
Renewed finnish locomotive Tk3 has occupied its place in exposures. 640x480 38Kb
Diesel of locomotive TE5-20-032. 640x480 42Kb
Beside fireboxes of one of the locomotives. 640x480 44Kb
Entrance to cabin of industrial locomotive. 640x480 41Kb
Interior of railcar M3/2. 640x480 33Kb
Another view to cteam engine of "Su" series. 640x480 50Kb
Amusement for visitors - a riding on the handcar. 640x480 77Kb
Cabin of the facility for moving on narrow-gauge roads. 640x480 38Kb
Four-axis roofed coach, 1930s. 640x480 40Kb
One more view to the firebox of one of the locomotives. 640x480 48Kb
Unique tablet on one of the museum coaches. 640x480 70Kb

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