Train #155
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Train number 155 is my photoreport on the my third trip to the museum in Shushary. Trip consisted 09/04/99.

That did not fall into preceding reports...

Contents of photo
Diesel engine ChME3 with number 001. 750x499 94Kb
Another one ChME3 in museum 750x499 116Kb
When-that this diesel loco TEP70 stood in first numbers of exhibits... 750x499 83Kb
Museum has two LV-series steam engines. This is one of them. 750x499 86Kb
Sought-after part of the steam engine LV from preceding photo. 750x499 125Kb
But this sought-after part of the US-made steam engine, marked in Soviet Union as "E". 750x499 106Kb
Reserved coach with 56 places (modern coaches in Russian railways has 54 places). 750x495 85Kb
This diesel engine TGM3 is in the beautiful condition and now inheres in first numbers of exhibits. 750x499 76Kb
The second diesel engine TEM3 in museum with the number 100. 315x480 75Kb
Rarity exhibit - head coach of EMU train ER10. 750x499 82Kb

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Waiting for exhibition

Contents of photo
This manual handcar completely ready to exposures. 750x499 112Kb
This steam engine has entered "by exchange" from Finland. Before exposing on viewing its stay only to dye. 520x800 86Kb

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Ira Ivanova
Mike Nau