Dear Friends and Colleagues! "The Semaphore" - yet another Russian magazine for railway, subway, and tramway fans. Its main distinguishing feature is that the magazine is FREE for you: you may download either a viewable or a printable version, and print as many copies as you like, for yourself and for your friends. However, the magazine was not free for us who made it possible. So, if you like the magazine, and want to donate to its future, you are very welcome to send a wire transfer or check (if you want to get a high-quality printed copy, please donate AT LEAST $12 and indicate this in your payment!):
Dmitry Zinoviev, 383 Langley Road, #4, Newton, MA 02459, USA (US dollars only!) .
Magazine only in Russian, but on this page you can download brief summary of each number in pdf file (each file not more then 50 Kb). Just click on the cover of the required number! Full version of the magazine you can download from Russian pages of this site.
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